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Feds Fine Rick Ross’ Wingstop Stores In Mississippi For Violating Labor Laws

Rick Ross Wingstop Company Hit With $114,427 In Fines In Mississippi

Rick Ross‘ Wingstop stores in Mississippi were recently hit with $114,427 in fines for violating labor laws, back wages, and other penalties.

The U.S. Department of Labor issued the fine after an investigation into five locations in Mississippi owned and operated by Boss Wings Enterprises LLC.

The investigation revealed:

  • Employees are being paid below minimum wage ($7.25/hour).
  • Employees are being forced to pay for uniforms, basic safety training, background checks, and cash register shortages.
  • Bosses overworking employees.

The Department of Labor fined Boss Wings $51,674 in back wages/damages for 244 workers and nearly $63,000 in additional fines.

Ross’ sister, Tawanda Roberts, is the registered agent of Boss Wings Enterprises LLC in Mississippi, but neither she nor Rick Ross was available for comment.

Source: TMZ

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