Rick Ross released the official music video for his latest single, “Pinned To The Cross“, and it is very thought-provoking.

The video is directed by Spike Jordan and it centers around the theme of African Americans seeking their own justice in America.

The video starts out with some young Black Panthers rallying before they go out to protest.

The opening shot with Ross is inside his Atlanta mansion that he bought from Evander Holyfield and the house looks amazing.

All of Ross’ house assistants are white, a play on reverse racism.

Finn Mathews plays the white butler in the video…I thought he was an extra until he started singing.

Ross is spitting bars on this song and he calls out Terry Crews in one of his verses…

Terry Crews is another coon who was basically bought.

Near the end of the video, the young Black Panthers snatch a police officer out of his home and take the law into their own hands.

Watch the video below:

Are you scooping or scrapping Rick Ross’ “Pinned To The Cross” video?

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