Richard Glass recently spoke out about people on social media who accused him of supplying Anne Heche with cocaine and fentanyl before her unfortunate deadly crash.

Anne was last seen at Richard’s Glass Hair salon in the California beach town of Venice before the crash and it resulted in people placing misdirected blame at his feet.

While speaking to TMZ, Richard said:

There are people that are just evil. Making accusations that I had something to do with her toxicology report said.

It’s just a lot, it’s just a lot!

Well, they’re saying that she could’ve got the cocaine or the fentanyl from me because I was the last person to see her.

I’ve never done any type of drugs! I don’t do that. I’m not that person.

Richard was very emotional as he spoke, and he was carrying a lot of guilt for not intervening and potentially saving Anne’s life.

I feel like I could’ve done something more. 

Like the universe sent her here for me to impact some kind of way, and I just feel like I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do.

Like, to keep her here… like, to protect her, you know?

I’m extremely emotional about it because it’s just wearing on my heart.

Like, this woman she needed help, and I wasn’t there enough.

Watch the video of Richard addressing the accusations below:

We wish Richard peace in his grief and understanding in he is not to blame for Anne’s death.

Source: TMZ