Rich Dollaz Speaks Out In Defense Of His Daughter Ashley Towers Following Her Aggravated Assault Arrest

Rich Dollaz recently said his daughter, Ashley Towers, reacted out of fear when she allegedly shot at her baby daddy.

According to Rich, there was a domestic incident between his daughter and her baby daddy in the past that caused her to file for a restraining order.

Ashley’s baby daddy violated the restraining order when he popped up at her new job on her first day of work and approached her vehicle.

Rich says he believed his daughter feared for her life because she’s had a toxic past with this guy, and he was aggressively approaching her.

Well, because he was approaching her vehicle.

He was approaching her vehicle, and they had already been…

This isn’t just a one-time incident. 

This is things that have led up to this, him sending text messages, him sending things to her, him showing his gun, him doing things that would probably… that would put her in fear.

So, as someone is approaching you, who has been showing you, texting you, telling you… Just cut up all your clothes, and has been doing all kinds of crazy things.

And they’re approaching you in a aggressive manner, and you’re a young woman, who has already been involved in a domestic, with this same person, and had enough, you know, wherewithal to go and get the restraining order against this same person.

I would venture to say that she’s probably scared. 

I would venture to say that she probably felt like he was going to beat her up, and her safety was in danger.

And we still don’t know how he found out that she worked there. 

What I understand is that people said that he just happened to pull up.

I don’t believe that!…

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Source: TMZ

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