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Rev. Jesse Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Monday after he fell and hit his head during a visit to Howard University

The 80-year-old civil rights leader was on campus supporting students who were protesting unsafe housing conditions. 

After his fall, Rev. Jackson underwent a series of tests, including a CT scan. 

Thank God all of the tests came back clean, according to his spokesman. 

Howard University Hospital decided to keep him overnight for observation. 

His daughter, Santita Jackson, tweeted: 

Family, he’s resting comfortably & doing well: we thank u 4 ur prayers! Fighting 4 u is what he’ll always do. His goal is 2 ensure the well-being of @HowardU students: #MissionAccomplished

See her original tweet below.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline, were both hospitalized in August with breakthrough COVID-19.

Earlier this year, in February, he underwent gallbladder surgery. 

Rev. Jackson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2017, but that has not deterred his service and his commitment to his people. 

Please join me in sending up prayers for him.

Source: NY Daily News