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Respiratory Therapist Deetrinirrt Explains Her COVID Patient Rant On TikTok

Respiratory therapist Deetrinirrt posted a video to TikTok about a stressful day on the job, and in her most recent post she explained her rant.

Listen to Deetrinirrt’s stressful day on the job post below:

After Tyrese reposted her video to his IG account a lot of healthcare workers identified with her frustration in the comments.

Scoop some of the comments below:

One morning before respiratory therapist Deetrinirrt clocked in for work, she posted a video explaining why she needed to vent the day she posted her rant video.

After hearing Deetrinirrt’s story, I can definitely understand her frustration.

Shouts out to the healthcare workers who are risking their lives daily to try to save lives during this pandemic.

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