As we anticipate the release of Jordan Peele’s Candyman, it’s only right that we revisit the original film and pay homage to DeJuan Guy.

DeJuan was just 11-years-old when he starred in the 1992 horror classic as “Jake,” Cabrini Green’s savvy lil man, who kicked off the bonfire to burn Candyman to smithereens.

What many people don’t know is DeJuan was discovered by John Singleton, who was so impressed with the young actor that he brought him in to audition for Boyz N the Hood.

DeJuan was John’s choice to star as “little Tre,” but the studio felt an 8-year-old was too young for the role. 

But, God left the door open for DeJuan Guy to book his first major role in Candyman.

He went to star in over 25 films and TV shows and he eventually ended up working with John Singleton in Baby Boy

DeJuan Guy

DeJuan is now 40-years-old. 

He’s a father to five beautiful children and he just celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary with his queen. 

His last acting credit was in 2019, but he is still living his best life as a husband and father. 

DeJuan also participates in fan events with his Candyman cast mates. 

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