OWN Releases Official Trailer For ‘Ready To Love: Miami Is Back!’

OWN has released the official trailer for the new season of “Ready To Love: Miami” and it’s full of drama.

The Season 7 trailer gives you insight into some intimate and spicy moments between the couples.

Host Tommy Miles announced that he’s throwing a curve ball in this season with the second chance lifeline, which gives the participants a chance to save someone from going home, but their decision must be unanimous.

As to be expected, getting a group of people to agree to save one person will be a complex task because everyone will come to the table with their opinions and biases about that person.

Watch the official clip from “Ready To Love: Miami Is Back!” below:

Don’t forget to tune in to OWN on January 6 at 8 PM EST for the shenanigans of “Ready To Love: Miami.

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