New York hardcore rapper Roc Marciano released his album, Mt Marci, at midnight November 16 for a price point of $40.

Roc Marciano is selling the album exclusively through his website

In this age of digital streaming platforms (DSPs) Roc Marciano believes in himself and his fan base enough to charge $40 for his 16 track album during a Pandemic, and judging by the Twitter response he was right to bet on himself.

Of course there were some people on Twitter that had a problem with the $40 price point, but the true fans bought it with no questions asked.

Perhaps his true fans have become accustomed to this marketing strategy from Roc Marciano, his last album “Marcialago” was released in 2019 exclusively through his website for $30.

Marcialago was eventually available on DSPs after Roc Marciano squeezed all the revenue he could from the exclusive sales.

I think it’s a genius strategy because I often hear about how these DSPs are robbing the artist so why not bet on yourself and price your album at what you feel it is worth.

Would you spend $40 today on an album from your favorite artist?

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