Quando Rondo revealed that he and King Von didn’t have a real beef, and that he was born a crack baby on Big U’s “CHECC’N-IN” Podcast.

At the start of the video clip, Big U told Rondo, “I know y’all didn’t have no beef” (Big U was referencing King Von).

Rondo responded, “At all!”

Big U added, “And you was just talking to him,” and Rondo responded, “Come on man!”

Big U then tells Rondo to tell his story about how he came up. Rondo gets deep.

He talks about being born a crack baby, and his mom being on crack until he was 15-years-old.

He also talks about his parents having a dysfunctional relationship when he was young, and him being burned with an iron at one-years-old.

He said he still has the burn mark to this day, from his upper hip to his knee.

Quando Rondo said he was in and out of foster homes until he got adopted around seven or eight-years-old.

After he was adopted, he said he identified more with his street family than his adopted family.

Watch the video below:

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