Rapper Latto Says She’s Not ‘Experienced’ 

Rapper Latto revealed on the “Caresha Please” podcast that she’s not as sexually experienced as her music may suggest.

During the interview, Caresha asked her, “How you so young but you so freaky?”

Latto responded:

I’m not really that experienced though…

I think that would shock the world, like, the sh*t I be rapping about, I always had a boyfriend.

Like, I was never, like, ‘back on the prowl.’

So, like, in high school I had a lil boo, you know what I’m saying.

Latto revealed that she is experiencing a lot of “first” with the man she’s with now, and she’s “not really experienced for real,” but she’s like that for her man.

Watch the clip from the “Caresha Please” podcast below:

Earlier in the interview, Latto talked proudly about her man without revealing his identity, and she made it known that she feels like she has something real and she wants to protect it from the world.

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