Malcolm M. Mays at the 'Power Book II: Ghost' NYC Premiere (TikTok)

In an unexpected turn of events, Malcolm M. Mays was booted out of the New York City premiere of “Power Book II: Ghost” on Thursday night.

The “Raising Kanan” star was seen being physically escorted out of the event by two police officers, and he was not happy about it.

Once outside the event, Malcolm had a few words for one of the suited and booted security personnel.

Watch the viral clip of the incident below.

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So… what happened?

According to the photographer who captured the dispute, Malcolm came out of the event (presumably to get a breather), and security wanted him to move away from the entrance.

Malcolm tried to explain that he was part of the event, but they were not trying to hear it.

That’s when the police got involved and physically removed him from the entrance.

Once things settled down, Malcolm M. Mays began taking photos with fans.

That’s when a staff member realized he was someone notable.

After speaking to Malcolm, he was allowed back into the event.

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Malcolm M. Mays stars as Lou Lou on “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” and he’s also a writer on the hit Prime Video series, “Them: The Scare.”

Power Book II: Ghost” Season 4 is now streaming on Starz.

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