Quinta Brunson, creator, and star of the hit ABC series, “Abbott Elementary,” was completely blown away after receiving multiple requests for a school shooting episode.

The requests came on the heels of the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, where 19 students and two teachers were killed.

Apparently, people believe a school shooting episode of “Abbott Elementary” will “get our government to understand why laws need to pass.”

Quinta took to Twitter writing:

wild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write.

people are that deeply removed from demanding more from the politicians they’ve elected and are instead demanding “entertainment.”

I can’t ask “are yall ok” anymore because the answer is “no.”

See her original tweet below.

Quinta Brunson is 100% right in her response.

It is not her responsibility to create content for the government to do its job.

Citizens need to vote and hold their elected officials responsible for senseless, tragic shootings like the ones that recently took place in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York.

She also shared an example of the requests she is receiving.

Quinta commented on the request writing:

I don’t want to sound mean, but I want people to understand the flaw in asking for something like this.

we’re not okay. this country is rotting our brains. im sad about it.

See her original post below.

There were mixed emotions on Twitter to Quinta’s response.

Scoop some tweets below:

Your thoughts?