Quavo Throws Shots At Saweetie on Halloween Day In New ‘Messy’ Video

Quavo Throws Shots At Saweetie on Halloween In New ‘Messy’ Video

Quavo raps in the song “Messy” that he’s not “stressin” Saweetie’s alleged affair with one of his friends, but he took the time to throw some visual shots at her in his new video.

The “Messy” video premiered on Halloween day.

Quavo co-directed the video with Nigerian director Daps who directed videos for 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, Davido, Iggy Azalea, Wizkid, and others.

In the video, Quavo revisits the infamous elevator altercation where he and Saweetie tussled over an orange Call of Duty box.

There is no female actress in the video that he fights with, but the Call of Duty box that they fought over back in 2021 makes an appearance.

Before the elevator scene, there is a female in the background acting out Quavo’s lyrics while he raps:

I said, ‘Caresha Please’ cause she too messy.

B**ch f****d my dog behind my back, but I ain’t stressin.

You wanted the gang, you should’ve just said it, we would’ve blessed it.

Watch the video clip from “Messy” below:

Watch the 2021 elevator altercation below:

While Quavo was rehashing horrible times on Halloween Day, Saweetie was being praised on Twitter for her Halloween looks.

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Source: TMZ

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