Priyanka Chopra Speaks On Falling Into A ‘Deep, Deep Depression’ After A Botched Nose Job

Priyanka Chopra recently recalled falling into a “deep, deep depression” early in her career after a botched nose job.

The “Citadel” star shared her experience when she was a guest on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Priyanka said:

It was a dark phase. I mean it was so long ago so I don’t remember it as clearly. It was like 2002, I think.

Pictures of the time, two and three, I mean, I grew up in the public so you can Google any sh*t honestly about me.

But I was about 19, 20… 18, 19, 20 somewhere there.

And I had been signed up for all these big movies and this thing happens, my face looks completely different and I went into a deep, deep, depression.

Um, my father, who’s a surgeon, was very upset that this happened because he blamed himself.

He was like, ‘Why wasn’t I there?’ Like, how could I have had a conversation with the doctor fixed it, whatever, and went down the rabbit hole of wanting to fix it because I was so depressed and, you know, heightened teenage feelings at that time, like the opportunity has been given to you, which I never expected, anticipated or dreamt of.

And then you just take it away from me. It was like the rug was pulled from under me.

I was thrown out of three movies. There was a screen test done for a movie and then it was shelved.

Um, and it was very embarrassing, and I thought it was over before it started.

Listen to the audio below:

Priyanka ended up getting corrective surgery even though she was terrified at the time, but the support of her late father got her through.

I was terrified of that, but he was like, ‘I will be in the room with you.

He held my hands through it and helped me build back my confidence.

Priyanka Chopra credits Bollywood director Anil Sharma for getting her career back on track by giving her a supporting role in a movie.

Priyanka went on to make a name for herself in Hollywood in the TV series “Quantico” and “Citadel.”

She married Nick Jonas in 2018, and they welcomed their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas via surrogate in January 2023.

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Source: TMZ

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