Ray J Calls Off Divorce From Princess Love Again
Princess Love, Ray J via Instagram

For the fourth time in four years, Princess Love has announced she and Ray J are divorcing.

Princess Love Releases Statement Announcing Her Divorce

Princess Love via Instagram

The poker champ and reality TV star took to social media and released the following statement.

Dear Friends and Family, 

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of our decision to divorce.

After much reflection, discussion, and counseling, we have count to the difficult realization that our paths have diverged, and it is in the best interest of both of us to part ways. 

We want to reassure you that this decision was made thoughtfully and with mutual respect and consideration for each other’s well-being.

While our relationship as spouses may be coming to an end, we remain committed to co-parenting our children and maintaining a positive and supportive family dynamic. 

We ask for your understanding, support and respect for our privacy during this challenging time.

We are grateful for the love and friendship we have received from each of you throughout our marriage, and we hope to continue nurturing those relationships in the future. 

Though this chapter of our lives may be closing, we look forward to embracing the opportunities for growth, healing, and new beginnings that lie ahead.

We are confident that with time, understanding, and the support of our loved ones, we will navigate this transition with grace and resilience. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. 🫶🏽

See her original statement below. 

Princess Love & Ray J’s History Of Divorce Filings

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Princess Love and Ray J tied the knot in 2016, but after four years of marriage, the couple began routinely announcing their plans to divorce, only to reconcile and call it off. 

In May 2020, Princess Love filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court.

After quarantining together through the summer, Princess Love filed to have her divorce petition dismissed.

A few months later, in September 2020, Ray J filed for dissolution of marriage in Los Angeles County Court and asked a judge to order joint custody of their two children, Melody Norwood and Epik Norwood.

By February 2021, Ray J said he and his wife were working on their relationship. 

In October 2021, while hospitalized in Miami with pneumonia, Ray J filed for divorce from Princess Love again citing irreconcilable differences.

In March 2022, Princess Love told TMZ she was open to reconciling with her husband, but if he doesn’t want to…she has no problem divorcing.

Things got quiet in the Norwood household and by March of 2023, Ray J proudly filed legal documents in Los Angeles asking the court to dismiss his divorce petition to end his marriage to Princess Love. 

Here we are…February 2024…Black History Month and the Norwoods have filed for divorce again. 

At this point, keep the ChatGPT written statement and just let us know when it’s finalized. 

We tired.

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