Summer Walker break up with LVRD Pharoh - Larry

Summer Walker is trending after she took to Instagram to announce her breakup from her boyfriend LVRD Pharoh (“Larry”) ahead of the birth of their first child together. 

In a statement posted on her Instagram Story, Summer said there are no hard feelings between them and she still touts him as an “amazing father,” but she noted there are just some things she won’t tolerate.

I’ve decided to be single. It’s no hard feelings, Larry is an amazing father.

There’s just certain things I won’t tolerate. But, we’re super duper happy to have all our children & we just living life. ?

You may recall that Summer Walker tattooed “Larry” on her face next to her left eye.

Summer noted in her break-up statement that she has no plans of removing her “Larry” face tattoo because she still has “hella love for him.”

Months later, Summer Walker announced she was pregnant with her second child, her first with Larry.

She is already a proud mommy to her daughter, “Bubbles,” from her previous relationship with producer London on da Track.

On Sunday (November 6) “No Love” singer shared a second post where she addressed the criticism and chatter around her relationship(s).

Also, I don’t have to name any names b/c you see it every day in the media, all these celebrity women who are in “marriages” or in long-term relationships with children be getting dogged out every week. 

Every month they complain bout how they getting cheated on, beat on, children being had on them, they lonely etc. but they rather stay for the IMAGE just to say they have a man or a ring or just to keep receiving apology Birkins & cars. 

The only difference between me, them, & the rest of y’all is I prefer peace n happiness so I walk away. 

Relax with all that wow she’s not married, I could’ve been married to either one of my child’s fathers, it’s just certain things I won’t tolerate but NOTHING was a mistake I wanted all my children by the age of 25 on PURPOSE & did that. 

They’re perfect, beautiful & make me happier than I could ever be. 

But 95% of y’all in the same predicament or worse so save it.

LVRD Pharoh also took to his Instagram Story to share a message. 

He wrote:

Don’t let the internet determine your happiness!!!!

Don’t go to the internet for validation this is an app made for entertainment!!

Work, take care of ya kids, travel this world, and live life.

Don’t let anything u can’t control determine your actions or happiness.

Keep it ?

See Summer and Larry’s original posts below. 

Summer Walker is currently trending on Twitter as people react to her latest break-up news. 

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