Rickey Smiley revealed his youngest daughter, Aaryn Smiley, was shot three times over the 4th of July weekend in Houston. 

Aaryn was on her way to Whataburger in Houston on Sunday night when the shooting took place. 

Rickey fought back emotions as he revealed Aaryn has been hospitalized after being shot with hollow-point bullets and she has to undergo surgery. 

He pushed through the morning show while making plans to get to his baby girl as soon as possible as flights are limited due to COVID-19.

Listen below (5:31 mark)

Please join me in sending up prayers for Aaryn Smiley and traveling mercies for Rickey Smiley as he makes his way to his baby girl. 


Rickey Smiley went LIVE on Facebook to speak on his daughter being shot.


Aaryn’s surgery went well.

Please stop the violence!