Please join me in sending up prayers for Officer Tommy Norman.

The beloved North Little Rock police officer took to social media on Monday to share he suffered a heart attack over the weekend.

In a post on his social media page, Officer Tommy wrote:

Last night I experienced severe pain in my chest & left arm. I was then admitted to CUU. Currently waiting to be seen by a cardiologist. I would appreciate lots of prayers. Thank you so much.

Eight hours later, he offered the following update: 

UPDATE: it is confirmed that I did have a heart attack. After being placed in CCU, a heart cath was performed where blockage was found. During this procedure a stent was placed in my heart. I’ll remain in the hospital at least one more night. Thank you for your prayers. ????????❤️

See his original posts below. 

You may recall, Officer Tommy Norman went viral years ago and became a social media favorite after he was celebrated for the genuine love and care he gives the community he patrols. 

Update: Officer Norman offered the following update on Tuesday (March 22).

Please join us in sending love and prayers to him Officer Tommy Norman for a full and speedy recovery.