Positive K was furious when he learned TMZ used his image in a story about the manslaughter conviction of Kidd Creole.

The rapper took to Instagram and blasted the major media outlet writing:

Really @tmz_tv. When did POSITIVE K become Kidd Creole?

So now all Black People look alike? You all were the same ones who pronounced the late great DMX deceased days before his death. I thought this was a platform of professional journalists?!

But l’m beginning to think that research on a topic, story, or article is not a requirement to intern or be employed at @tmz_tv

TMZ has carelessly & recklessly used my face in a photo on their website to report a story on another rapper that is reportedly been convicted of manslaughter.

I cannot begin to describe the humiliation and devastation this has caused myself, my loved ones and my fans. But TMZ, this is also not a good look for your platform.

This is completely unacceptable as l now deal with a situation that may become timeless & endless long after it’s resolved…

NOW HOW DO YALL WANT TO FIX THIS??? ????????⚖????????‍⚖️????

See his original post below.

Kidd Creole, a member of the legendary Hip Hop group, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five was convicted this week in the 2017 murder of a homeless man named John Jolly.

It appears whoever wrote the story at TMZ simply grabbed the first Getty image that was labeled Kidd Creole.

When writing my own post on the story, I saw the photo was mislabeled on Getty.

This is a prime example of why it is important to be a part of or at least knowledgeable of the people and culture you’re reporting on.

Your thoughts?