A reckless driving Pomona woman was in an hours-long standoff with sheriff deputies, who were surprised when they deployed tear gas into the vehicle and a nine-year old girl exited.

The Pomona woman drove a red Nissan Sentra in the middle of cars waiting at a traffic light, she hit two cars to clear her path.

Deputies pursued her and tried two pit maneuvers to stop the Nissan, but the woman did not stop until she rear-ended another vehicle.

After a four-to-five hour standoff, several rounds of tear gas were deployed into the vehicle, and to everyone’s surprise, a nine-year-old girl exited the vehicle first.

Lt. Todd Knight stated that no one knew that the child was in the car.

The 30-year old woman surrendered after the child exited the vehicle.

The Pomona woman is facing multiple charges including child endangerment.

See the news report below:

It is truly sad that this woman involved a child in her mess, hopefully the little girl is okay.