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Plies Removed His Gold Teeth & Buried Them – See His New Smile

New Year…New Me! Plies and his signature gold teeth have parted ways.

The rapper took to social media to announce he has removed his gold teeth and he took it a step further by burying them.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, Plies buries the gold teeth using a spoon. ????

The caption on the video read:


???? ???????????????????? I Just Removed & Buried My Gold Teeth!!!!!! ???? I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!! I Wanted Elevation So I Stepped Out On Faith!!! I Ate Some Good Pw*ssy With Them Teeth Doe!!!!???????????? I Heard Women Love Men With Pretty Smiles!!!!???? #StayTuned#Plies#Shawty#PlentyMoney#Rock#BustItBaby#Drip4Sale

See the original post and video below:

Plies took to social media on Friday morning to show off his new and gorgeous smile.

He wrote:

I Just Showed My Mom My New Smile. She Hugged Me Started Crying & Said “I Finally Got My Baby Back”. ???? One Of The Proudest Days Of My Life. 2021 I’m Might Just Turn Into A Full Time Brand Ambassador With This New Smile???????? No Coochie Gettin Ate With These ???? ???? It Took Me So Long To Post This Pic Cause I Was Shy ???? ???? (Ladies) How Did I Do??? #NewSmilePlies #Plies #Rock#Shawty #PlentyMoney #Shawty#BustItBaby #Drip4Sale

See the big reveal below:


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