Cam'ron and Melyssa Ford via Instagram

Cam’ron took to social media on Wednesday and made it pretty clear that he isn’t accepting Melyssa Ford’s apology. 

The Dipset rapper turned “It Is What It Is” sports show host shared a throwback photo of himself and Melyssa along with the caption: 

I told the b— ‘don’t touch me’ when we took this pic. F— you and ya apology!! Stay strong and Stand on business!!

We just busy at the moment, we’ll get to you soon boo 😘 and nothing violent!! Before you accuse us of more s— that’s inaccurate.

See Cam’ron’s original post below. 

What happened between Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford?

Well, on the December 2 episode of the “Joe Budden Podcast,” they were discussing the clip of Cam’ron and Mase recalling (in graphic detail) a time when they both had a sexual encounter with a prostitute…at the same time.

Watch the clip below. 

On the JBP, Melyssa expressed that she thought the remarks were in poor taste and potentially risky considering the various sexual assault lawsuits that came out of New York as a result of the Adult Survivor’s Act. 

But, Melyssa Ford took it a step too far when she said, “Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that wh— house?

Joe Budden and the other male co-hosts quickly admonished her for even making such a potentially harmful insinuation. 

Watch the clip below. 

Both Cam’ron and Mase reacted to Melyssa Ford’s remarks (without saying her name) and issued her a warning. 

Be careful. I tell you one thing, I know a lot of people in ICE. Snipers, sharpshooters and I know people in ICE. I’ll have you escorted back across the border,” Cam said. 

Be careful. It screams desperation., but we’ll get a petition to get you out of the country. Cut it out. I’ll get her out the country. I’ll make two calls, man.” 

Mase jokingly chimed in, “I was going to let you stay.” 

He continued, “We’re just here to tell the truth. We’re not into anything illegal. You can stop trying to put that together.”

Mase added, “Let me put you together right quick. Don’t you ever come for me and Killa…ever – in your mother’s life. This is not what you want.

On Wednesday’s episode of the “Joe Budden Podcast,” Melyssa Ford acknowledged that Cam’ron and Mase “offered grace” in their reactions to her remarks and issued an apology.

I don’t even want to say the phrase, ‘walk it back.’ I’ll just say I apologize. I should never have made that insinuation.

Listen below.  (3:08 mark)

Melyssa Ford appeared to have responded to Cam’ron’s post about her by sharing a few photos from the podcast along with the caption, “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mmmmm k

A commenter wrote, “You said sorry and they still ain’t over it. Not much more you can do.”

I agree. It’s above her now…

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