Prepare yourself for a gripping new true crime series that delves into the dark side of social media stardom. Peacock has just released the official trailer for “TikTok Star Murders,” a docuseries that unravels the disturbing story behind the seemingly perfect lives of Ali and Ana Abulaban.

The series promises to explore the tragic and violent unraveling of a couple who appeared to have it all.

The Story Behind the Series

Ali and Ana Abulaban seemed like the quintessential internet success story.

Ali, a popular TikTok creator known as JinnKid, gained fame in late 2019 with his hilarious Skyrim and Scarface impressions.

His videos, often featuring his stunning wife, Ana, painted a picture of a perfect, happy family, complete with a beautiful young daughter and the promise of continued stardom.

However, “TikTok Star Murders” pulls back the curtain to reveal the dark and troubling reality behind the couple’s online persona.

Beneath the surface, their relationship was fraught with domestic violence, addiction, and a desperate struggle for control and independence.

The series promises to feature disturbing, never-before-seen footage captured by Ali himself, documenting private fights and moments of escalating abuse.

As Ali’s need for control and fame grew, so did the toxicity of their relationship, leading to a tragic and violent climax.

A Tragic End

In October 2021, the volatile relationship reached a deadly turning point.

The abuse culminated in a tragic event that left two people dead and another facing a lifetime behind bars.

This shocking outcome underscores the series’ exploration of the darker side of social media fame and the devastating impact of domestic violence.

Release Date

TikTok Star Murders” is set to premiere on Peacock on June 25.

True crime fans and followers of social media drama alike are eagerly awaiting the series, which promises to be both compelling and heartbreaking.

Watch The ‘TikTok Star Murders’ Trailer

The official trailer offers a chilling preview of what’s to come.

The footage highlights the stark contrast between the couple’s public image and the harrowing reality of their private lives.

In one clip, a friend of the couple says, “To the world, they were the perfect couple. But behind closed doors, it was a nightmare.”

Watch the trailer below.

A Deeper Look At Social Media Fame

The docuseries not only recounts the tragic events but also delves into broader themes of narcissism, addiction, and the often deceptive nature of social media fame.

Ali’s rise to stardom, fueled by his comedic talent and charismatic presence, ultimately masked a deeply troubled individual whose personal demons led to catastrophic consequences.

Ana, on the other hand, is portrayed as a woman seeking independence and a better life for herself and her daughter, trapped in a relationship with a man whose obsession with control and fame knew no bounds.

TikTok Star Murders” is more than just a recounting of a tragic crime; it’s a sobering look at the hidden darkness that can lurk behind the carefully curated images we see online.

As we approach the release date, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a haunting and thought-provoking series.

Be sure to tune in to Peacock on June 25 to uncover the full story behind the “TikTok Star Murders.”

This is one true crime series you won’t want to miss.

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