Paula Patton has been getting roasted like rotisserie in the streets of social media after a video of her frying chicken was brought to everyone’s attention by a TikToker.

The actress said she was using her mother Joyce Patton‘s recipe and the way she prepared and fried that fowl was foul according to Black community standards.

After gently rinsing the chicken with cold water, Paula dropped the chicken in a bag of flour, and placed it in her avocado oil for frying.

From there, she she began seasoning the chicken, while it was frying in the grease, with Lawry’s, black pepper, and paprika.

That’s it!

After frying the chicken, Paula Patton cut the chicken for her big reveal and you could still see some pink.

Paula hasn’t removed the original video, which was posted on March 4, but she did disable the comments on it.

Watch the now viral video below.

Read a few Twitter reactions to Paula’s fried chicken below.

Paula Patton, who is currently vacationing in Mexico with her son, took to Instagram to address the criticism of her fried chicken.

She said:

It might look crazy. It is the way we do it. 

My mom taught me – it is my mom’s recipe.

I do believe in washing the chicken. Maybe the way the video was edited it looked like I don’t wash it long enough, but I definitely do because I feed it to my son.

Paula added: 

It’s all good because everyone has their own way of making things and I’ll take suggestions.

She also turned off the comments on her response video, so she really doesn’t want your suggestions. 

Watch below.

Paula can cook her fried chicken any way she sees fit as long as I don’t have to eat it.

Your thoughts?