Patrick Beverly of the Los Angeles Clippers got into his feelings last night, as Chris Paul (CP3) was having the best night of his NBA career.

After scoring his 37 points of the night, CP3 gave Bev a look and Bev shoved him from behind.

The incident occurred after CP3 hit a big three-point shot to extend the lead to 26 points with 5:49 remaining in the 4th quarter.

This was an elimination game for the Clippers, and from the looks of it, CP3’s three-pointer was the moment Patrick Beverly realized that his season was over.

A timeout was called after CP3 hit the three, and he gave Bev a sarcastic look as he walked to the bench.

No words appeared to be exchanged, but that look pulled the emotions out of Bev and he ran behind CP3 and shoved him from behind.

Bev looked like a kid frustrated that things didn’t go his way… it was a very weak move.

After the refs reviewed the incident, Bev was ejected from the game.

Watch the video below:

Both CP3 and Bev have reputations as antagonist, but CP3 clearly got the best of Bev last night.

Twitter weighed in on the shove, and the consensus is Patrick Beverly went out like a sore loser.

Scoop the tweets below:

CP3 finished the game with 41pts., and a trip to his first NBA Finals.

Congratulations to the Phoenix Suns on a hard fought series and making it to the NBA Finals.

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