Paige Reynolds Talks About Her Viral Video ’Scarlet Takes A Tumble’ That Got 30 Million Views

Paige Reynolds the star of the viral video, “Scarlet Takes a Tumble,” viewed by 30 million people recently talked about what really happened that day.

Paige appeared on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” and revealed that she was 15 years old and playing hooky from school when the video was recorded in 2008.

Paige said she had run out of things to do and got bored when she decided to play with her mom’s laptop.

I had done all of things I wanted to do, and I got bored so I started playing around with my mom’s laptop.

And, you know, she had the webcam feature where it recorded.

But, this was like back in 2008, so that was new.

And I was like, well I’m just going to record myself singing and playing, and having a good time, and nobody was ever supposed to see it but me…

So, after everything happened, I actually broke the table.

So, I was going to put it back together, and I needed some glue.

So, I asked my sister to take me to the store to get some glue, but of course she was, like, ‘Well, why do you need to go?’

So I whined up showing her the video, and she just laughed and laughed.

She was like, ‘I promise you your not going to get in trouble with mommy and daddy.

So, she showed them the video, and I did not get in trouble because they were laughing too hard.

So, they felt like me falling and bruising up my legs was punishment enough.

Paige uploaded the video to YouTube and attempted to share it with only one of her sister’s friends, but she forgot to set the video to private.

A week later, she was the 2nd video in the most recommended box on YouTube, and she was horrified that millions of people saw her fall and roll around on the ground.

Paige said the viral video has shaped a lot of what she does now, how she interacts with other people, and how she responds to opportunities presented to her.

She said after everything with the video died down, she went to college and got a degree in psychology, and became a mental health counselor.

Watch the Paige Reynolds interview from the “Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

Watch the original “Scarlet Takes a Tumble” video below:

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