Joe Pytka, the director of the original Space Jam said he thinks Space Jam 2: A New Legacy sucks, and “LeBron [James] ain’t Michael [Jordan].

Tell em why you madd, Joe!

Joe said Michael Jordan wasn’t just the best basketball player in the world at the time the original Space Jam was released, he was the biggest celebrity in the world.

The director also took issue with A New Legacy’s plot having no connection with LeBron James‘ personal life, whereas the plot in his film was about MJ retiring from basketball to pursue a baseball career.

Joe feels the supporting cast in his film, which included, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley, and Bill Murray was much better than Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard, who hold supporting roles in A New Legacy.

The director’s biggest gripe was the way A New Legacy did Bugs Bunny, he said Bugs’ role in the movie was “heartbreaking” because it had no connection to previous depictions.

Joe’s original version of Space Jam came out in 1996, and critics dragged his movie when it was released, much like he is doing to LBJ’s reboot.

Despite the criticism the original “Space Jam” received, it still became a cult classic.

See the original Space Jam trailer below:

See the Space Jam 2: A New Legacy trailer below:

Joe Pytka is definitely hating on A New Legacy.

Personally, it was better than I expected, but I prefer the original Space Jam.

Do you think Space Jam 2: A New Legacy is better than the original Space Jam?

Source: TMZ