Oprah Winfrey and Oprah Magazine have purchased 26 billboards in Louisville, Kentucky demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

Each billboard represents a year of her life and reads:

Demand That The Police Involved In Killing Breonna Taylor Be Arrested And Charged

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Tamika Mallory, activist and founder of Until Freedom, took to social media to thank Oprah and O Magazine for joining the fight to get justice for Breonna.

In addition to the billboards, Breonna will grace the cover of Oprah Magazine’s September issue.

She is the only person to cover the magazine in its 20 years of publication.

Breonna was killed in her home on March 13, 2020, by Brett Hankison, Jon Mattingly, and Myles Cosgrove, three plainclothes police officers who served a no-knock warrant at the wrong residence.

Hankinson was terminated in June.

None of the officers have been arrested and charged for killing this young queen.

Please visit UntilFreedom.com to join the fight.