Mike Epps and his beautiful TV producer wife Kyra Epps recently appeared on the “Tamron Hall Show” and it appears Tamron Hall may have accidentally spilled the beans on the gender of their second child.

Mike Epps was not aware of the gender of his second child with Kyra prior to their interview with Tamron.

Apparently, Tamron didn’t get the memo because near the beginning of the interview she said to Mike:

When you first learned that you were having a second daughter…you’re gonna be outnumbered here.

Mike’s eyes got big and he immediately turned to look at his wife and starts smiling.

Kyra’s face told a different story. She appeared to be stuck in total disbelief for a few moments as if her brain was trying to process what had just happened.

After Mike answered Tamron’s question she said the producer’s told her in her ear that Mike doesn’t know the gender of the baby.

Okay they just told me in my ear, cause this is a real TV show, and your wife is a producer and she knows.

You don’t know the gender of the baby… I saw it in Kyra’s face, she was like wait a minute how does she… You’ve not revealed and your face might have revealed it, but you’ve not revealed publicly…

Aww!… This my first blooper of season two. You haven’t told anybody the gender, and I don’t know the gender.

Tamron tried to clean it up and shift some of the blame onto Kyra’s facial expression, but the damage had already been done.

Mike and Kyra took it in stride and continued on with the interview.

Watch the video below:

Typically, when a couple does not know the gender of their child they will say it.

Both Mike and Kyra Epps looked as if they were totally caught off guard by Tamron knowing the tea.

Either way, Tamron has a 50% chance of being right.