Omarion has filed a $200,000 lawsuit against the Zeus Network for playing reindeer games with his money after he allowed them to air a B2K concert special. 

The singer’s company, Omarion Worldwide, is suing Zeus Network and its founder Lemuel Plummer for fraud, and breach of contract among other things. 

In February, Omarion partnered with the network to release “The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2K.”

Under the deal, Zeus was supposed to provide financial support for the project and Omarion was to paid a revenue share of the monthly subscription fees for every subscriber drawn to the network by his content. 

The lawsuit claims:

The Defendants almost immediately began engaging in conduct that breached the Agreement and showed that the Defendants had never intended to honor the Agreement. During negotiations, the Defendants made the below statements to Plaintiff for the express purpose of inducing Plaintiff to sign the Agreement.

All of these statements were fraudulent and the Defendants never had any intention of honoring them as evidenced by their immediate breach and refusal to follow the Agreements terms after Zeus received the Content it desired.

The lawsuit also accuses the Zeus Network of “altering subscriber reports” in an effort to stiff Omarion and they failed to hold up their end of the bargain in financially supporting the marketing and promotion of the special. 

Maybach O wants $200,000 in damages. 

In other Zeus news…they recently announced Draya Michele‘s forthcoming reality series, “Doses of Draya.”

Source: The Blast

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