Folks love “Power,” but they still give Omari Hardwick a hard time.

The actor was bombarded with criticism and gay slurs after he posted a photo of him kissing 50 Cent on the cheek to celebrate him receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Swipe the embed to see the photo:

When I saw the photo, I simply saw a man showing another man love. But, when it was posted on several blogs – the floodgates of ignorance flew open.

Omari took to Instagram to respond to the foolishness with poetry.

I see you….coward. I see you….void of power. I see you….posting …. or rather posing every hour. I see you….trying to get me to take notice. I see you….bitch made boys called men broken….a token…of yourself….crying to be heard….d*ck riders….choking on what you felt….like a chick wit blinders hoping to find some wealth. I see your family UNhealth. I see you still scared of the that belt….driving n***as crazy you can’t help.
I see you…girls called ladies shady as eminem wit a felt…cept’ you can’t pen the sh*t even slim can belch. I see you….hate yourself cuz you never dealt. Greedy & blown…social media prone…holding on wit evil til it seep into this microphone. For dear life….n***a please be gone. We ‘ont want around these parts. I see you ain’t believe when D said it from the start. So i’ma do my part & say that b**ch hard….IT’S DARK & HELL IS HOT. I see you…..trying hard as hell not to rot. I see you…part plastic.
I see what’s tragic…is the lost ones of my people refuse to celebrate til it become habit. I see…whatever the found ones of us use to elevate….the drowned ones infuse wit hate cuz they can’t grab it….cuz they never had it. I see me….as black boy magic. & i see you…..the single mama, solo but thorough & classic. I see you heroes low on the drama but high on the mathematics. I see we ‘ont need to bring back Obama…we need to get rid of all the baggage.
Don’t you see….they can track it! Don’t you see….that means they can attack it! I see you…lost ones make it hard for me to back it.
The teacher in my takes a moment to try & teach. The killer side in me says F the ones who choose to NOT learn & abide by G O D. I can’t turn the sheep in wolf clothing when they cheat their own 15 minute moment. I can only earn the respect of the wolves who walk wit me on the sheep’s road to atonement. & don’t blame me. I see you chose the direction my poem went.
**same week we tragically lose 1 of the world’s heroes, his baby & their 7 friends……when i leave the kinda video only a herO can & then post a pic showing love to my bro…more proof SOME just don’t know how to grow. I see you…reap what you sow.

See his original post below:

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