Omari Hardwick Discusses His Special Connection With Pauletta & Denzel Washington On ‘Uncensored’

The season finale TV One’s hit series, “Uncensored,” airs this Sunday and the spotlight is on Omari Hardwick.

The actor opens up about everything from the complications of fatherhood to his special connection with Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta Washington, who welcomed him into their family with open arms.

Pauletta took to me very quickly…

She took me in like it was nobody’s business. She became my mom away from my mom. She became so much to me. 

So, we got super close and I was broke and Denzel and Pauletta eventually let me couch in their house.

Sometimes I would just be over there just for peace and spirit. Pauletta has such an incredible spirit and energy…

Watch below as Omari Hardwick shares the story in his own words:

Watch the clip below as Omari opens up about when his father was shot and Denzel Washington encouraged him by sharing a personal story about his experience while filming Malcolm X.

Last, but certainly not least, watch as Omari talk about the complications of fatherhood and advice he received from NBA great Joe Dumars.

Be sure to tune in for the season finale of “Uncensored” this Sunday at 10/9c only on TV One.

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