Michael Todd, the pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is making headlines after he rubbed his spit on the face of a man during his sermon on Sunday (January 16).

To give a visual representation of his message “Receiving Vision From God Might Get Nasty,” Pastor Todd hock spit saliva into his hands twice in front of his congregation, rubbed the saliva in a circular motion, and smeared it across the face of a man on stage.

Members of the congregation gasped at the act, and one member screamed out, “that’s nasty!”

Watch the video below:

Pastor Todd’s assistant during this act is rumored to be his brother.

Ain’t no way, bruh!

According to Twitter, Pastor Michael Todd has a history of doing and saying things for shock value.

Hopefully, Pastor Michael Todd finds more practical ways to demonstrate his messages in the future.