O’Ryan is trending in the streets of Twitter and it has nothing to do with music or his consumption of watermelon at his brother’s Verzuz battle.

Omarion‘s baby brother (and Jhené Aiko‘s baby daddy) got folks buzzing about a leaked video of him doing buck-naked jumping jacks with his jang janglin’!

Apparently, the video was posted on his OnlyFans page, but someone took one for the team and delivered it to the ravenous streets of social media.

O’Ryan responded to the raunchy raucous tweeting:

Officially in club cringe 😅 this wasn’t meant to be taken or received this way

Too often I have shared loving moments without context or contemplation.

It’s crazy how many ppl will wait until you make a mistake to express how much they think of you.

If you don’t like what I’m doing or how I’m doing it DONT LOOK.

He also had a message for those who are showing him love and support during his jingle jangle.

Appreciate y’all too! Sorry but I didn’t put the video on Twitter or on Instagram because I’m aware all of you shouldn’t see that kind of content.

You have some people that go by book and some that just know intuitively what should be done. Both are correct. Both can exist together.

See his original tweets below.

Get into the totally accurate and hilarious Twitter reactions to O’Ryan’s video below.

Do you think O’Ryan deserves all of the attention he’s receiving? 👀