Cardi B and Offset

Offset recently did an interview on “Way Up with Angela Yee” and near the end of the show he requested that people stop throwing him in the mix of bullsh*t, particularly rumors about him cheating on his wife Cardi B.

I wanna say something to man, like… I f***ed in the past, but don’t hold me to that because a lot of the time, like, y’all be holding me to that.

Don’t hold me to that, like, I love my wife, bruh, like, and that sh*t be affecting home.

Because at the end of the day don’t nobody… If you was in our shoes you wouldn’t want nobody to just always talking about what your relationship is.

Even like the fans, like, sometimes be fans of the music, you know what I’m saying?…

Like, don’t be trying to, like, tear us down because at the end of the day we a strong family and we gon, we know the truth, and we gon stick through sh*t, and then you gonna look like a fool.

And then be like, you throwing me in sh*t, stop throwing me in sh*t, bruh, I done grew a lot, respect that.

Like, I done grew a lot. You don’t really be seeing sh*t bout me.

And then it’s always bullsh*t, and I’m not going to be the one who always respond because I’m not trying to… I be feeling like that sh*t make you guilty too when you be responding to sh*t that’s totally false, you know what I”m saying?…

If I was to put myself in my woman’s shoes, like, that’s some aggravating a** sh*t, where somebody can always throw your ***** in your face.

That sh*t be lame, like… Find another angle, stop throwing me in the mix of bullsh*t because I don’t even be on the internet.

I don’t talk, I don’t ever get into female business, I’m a grown man, and I stay where a man stay.

I feel like my woman strong enough to always handle her weight for whatever is going on.

So… don’t throw me in that, that’s not cool.

Watch the clip of the Offset interview from “Way Up With Angela Yee” below:

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