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Odell Beckham Jr. tore his ACL on Sunday (October 25) after chasing down a defender. who intercepted an underthrown pass.

An MRI confirmed on Monday morning that Odell’s injury is season-ending.

On the second snap of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Baker Mayfield threw an underthrown pass to Odell that was intercepted by defensive back Darius Phillips.

Odell changed direction to tackle Phillips, but on his last stride before making contact with Phillips, Odell’s left foot planted oddly on the turf and he went airborne.

Watch video below of Odell attempting to tackle Phillips after the interception:

Baker Mayfield expressed his frustration with his underthrown pass to Odell with the media, “I’m probably going to beat myself up about that one for a long time,” Mayfield said. “He’s a guy who fights for this team, and in doing that, he got hurt. … it sucks.”

Mayfield said that Odell told him at halftime to “go be great” in the second half.

Mayfield took Odell’s words to heart and started balling after halftime.

Mayfield made franchise history by becoming the only Browns QB to throw three go-ahead touchdowns passes in the fourth quarter, and he completed the game-winning touchdown pass to rookie Donovan Peoples-Jones with 15 seconds remaining on the clock.

After Odell left the game due to injury, Mayfield completed a franchise-record 21 consecutive passes and five touchdowns. This was clearly Mayfield’s best performance since he’s been in the NFL.

Mayfield said Odell’s words of encouragement reverberated in his head throughout the second half.

The sports media has already started speculating how productive Odell will be coming off of an ACL injury and if any teams will be willing to take a risk on him.

Odell is an outstanding NFL talent, but most recently he’s been injured more than he’s been on the active roster.

In Odell’s first three seasons in the NFL, he played 43 out of 48 games, and in his last four seasons in the NFL he played 39 out of 64 games.

Baker Mayfield dedicated the game to Odell on Instagram:

We wish Odell a speedy recovery and success in his NFL career moving forward.

If Cleveland chooses to move on from Odell after he recovers from his injury what team do you think would be a good fit for him?

Source: ESPN