Normani received support from Aaliyah‘s uncle Barry Hankerson and Timbaland on her new single, “Wild Side” featuring Cardi B, but she never officially cleared the Aaliyah sample.

According to Barry Hankerson, who is the founder of Background Records and the owner of Aaliyah’s masters, “Aaliyah would be very supportive of a young Black woman that chose to emulate her music and style.”

Barry also said it would have been “more honorable” if Normani would’ve gotten approval to sample “One in a Million,” but he credits her song for keeping Aaliyah’s legacy alive.

I will not stand in the way of something that brings to light the incredible staying power of Aaliyah.

So in that light, wishing Normani well with the song and overall career. God bless. I think Aaliyah would be pleased.

Normani’s team says “Wild Side” does not use a direct sample.

But, Timbaland, the producer of “One In A Million,” and I beg to differ.

Take a listen below.

Watch the video below of Timbaland vibing to “Wild Side” and giving them credit for doing a good job with the “One In A Million” sample:

Lucky for Normani and Cardi B, Aaliyah’s uncle Barry and Timbaland are supportive of the sample.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ