Noemi Noto

The family of Noemi Noto is outraged and seeking answers after the 95-year-old matriarch died days after she got into a fight with another resident at a Staten Island nursing home.

Noto, who was a resident of Carmel Richmond Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, got into a fight with an 84-year-old woman on April 9 around 1:55 p.m.

During the scuffle, Noemi fell to the floor and hit her head.

Medics rushed her to Staten Island University North, where she died eight days later. 

According to police, the Medical Examiner’s office recently ruled Noemi Noto’s death a homicide, since the injuries that killed her were sustained during the fight. 

The Richmond County District Attorney’s office is still investigating the incident to determine if charges will be filed against the 84-year-old resident.

What started the fight remains unknown.

Mary Ann Kaufman, the daughter of Noemi Noto, is heartbroken at how her mother’s life came to an end. 

“It’s horrible. She was a great lady, loved by all. She had a good life. It’s just sad how it ended.”

Kaufman’s lawyer, Jesse Capell, filed a notice of complaint against the nursing home. 

Like any loving family member, Mary Ann Kaufman entrusted her mother Noemi Noto to Carmel Richmond Nursing Home expecting her mother would be adequately and safely cared for, let alone be protected from neglect and abuse.

Those rights are guaranteed under the New York State Public Health Law. To Ms. Kaufman’s horror, her mother was the tragic victim of a homicide that was both foreseeable and preventable. We demand accountability.

“I’m very sad right now,” Kaufman said. “My mother was 4-foot-11. She was a tiny little Italian lady. She survived so much.”

Source: NY Daily News

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