Nickelodeon found over 130,000 bots generated votes in their “Kids Pick The President Election,” which they removed with a voter certification tool to ensure that the correct amount of votes were counted.

It is unfortunate that some people will stoop as low as manipulating a kids’ election to push their agenda.

A Nickelodeon spokesperson confirmed that this is the first time the kids’ election has experienced any type of interference.

Nearly 90,000 virtual votes were cast correctly, and Joe Biden won with 53% of the vote to Trump’s 47%.

Over the last eight election cycles, kids have chosen the correct candidate six times. They choose incorrectly in 2004, with Kerry over Bush, and in 2016, with Hillary over Trump.

The “Kids Pick The President” special aired Tuesday night, and the host Keke Palmer kept it real with the kids about the election results and the bot interference.

“Before we reveal the results, we need to let you in on some news. We know you depend on Nick for fairness and honesty, so we wanted to be honest with you,” the voice said. “As we conducted our vote, our tech wizards at Nick discovered some cheating and were able to eliminate the unfair votes from our count. After lots of vetting, we feel super confident in our results.”

Keke then proceeded to announce the winner, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“There you have it,” she said. “The kids — the future — have spoken.”

This is an awesome event that provides kids the opportunity to participate in the political process, and Nickelodeon did a great job carrying out the event and being honest about voter fraud.

Source: The Washington Post