Nick Cannon Christian Mingle Valentine's Day Spoof

Nick Cannon recently posted a Valentine’s Day Christian Mingle spoof that was intended to be funny, however, a lot of commenters felt like he was mocking the word of God.

In the spoof video, the father of 12 said:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and this year I’m joining

I’m seeking womenzs!… 

Multiple plurals, womenzs!

What do you want your Christian Mingle name to be… Goliath.

Church attendance…  Seeds of our father, children of abundance.

Martial status… 

Have kids… Ah, spread yo seed!

Genesis 1:28, I’m just following the word.

It’s bible baby!

Religion… Charismatic!

Occupation… Dropping that…

I love Jesus and…

What? I can’t say that?…

Nick Cannon captioned his video:

Trying something new this Valentine’s Day.

Watch Nick’s spoof video below.

Scoop some comments below:

Nick Cannon comment 1.
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Nick Cannon comment 3.
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