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Nick Cannon is trending after Bre Tiesi, the mother of his 8th child, took to Instagram venting about her sleepless nights with the baby.

After 10 hours of labor, Bre delivered her baby boy, Legendary Love Cannon, via an unmedicated at-home birth on June 28, with Nick by her side.

In a video posted on her Instagram Story, Bre Tiesi shared how Legendary has been screaming his head off unless he’s breastfeeding, for the past three days and she hasn’t been able to get any sleep.

A trip to the doctor confirmed he’s okay and that he just may be teething a bit early. 

Watch the clip from Bre’s IG Story below.

Things took a turn for the worse when someone kindly suggested Bre should get a night nurse to help with the baby and she responded, “Sure u wanna pay for it?”

When the person suggested she have Nick pay for it, Bre lost her shizznit and began talking spicier than a bucket of chicken from Popeye’s.

Bre Tiesi returned to her Instagram Story to address the chatter about Nick Cannon and to share that she’s “over it.” 

She wrote: 

LOL here we go again no one was venting I took nothing “left” I was talking about I haven’t slept bc baby is teething early and that a family member came to visit and spilled my milk all over the couch put my ember cup in the microwave which is electronic and it was only 9am to then have someone say Nick should pay for a night nurse…not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse or Nick at all. 

Funny how y’all only take me popping off but not the actual stories if you showed the full thing u would see her message was unwarranted and I was LAUGHING at what had occurred. 

Regardless of working I wasn’t every minute with my son why would I have someone else do it. All I was sharing was a hard moment as a mom being honest where after not sleeping and working it was just one more thing after the other and was making FUN.

NOONE was complaining NOONE was talking about Nick this person decided to bring him up and add a money face and loop Nick into it she took it there just like everyone else does. I hear it alllll day…and all the thousands of other nasty comments and I’m f**kin over ittttt ??

See Bre’s original post below.

Bre Tiesi vents Nick Cannon

The floodgates of Twitter opened as people shared their thoughts on Nick Cannon and joked about him getting a good night’s sleep while the mothers of his children face the challenges of being a new mom.

One person tweeted, “Everybody with sense knew what Nick Cannon was doing was unsustainable and incredibly unfair to those kids. Only nig nogs who parents their kids through FaceTime were making excuses for his behavior.”

Read more tweets below.

Meanwhile, Lanisha Cole, the newest member of the Cannon Community, also shared that she’s experiencing sleepless nights.

Lanisha Cole - Onyx Ice Cole Cannon

Lanisha recently gave birth to Nick Cannon’s baby girl, Onxy Ice Cole Cannon.

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