Nick Cannon has officially released his new single, “Eyes Closed.”

The single was originally featured on the soundtrack of Nick’s holiday film, Miracles Across 125th Street

But, people were debating whether or not it was actually Nick’s voice on the track.

He took to his social media accounts on Friday to confirm it is indeed him singing on the song:

The cats finally out of the bag, yes this song was ME singing all along.

People didn’t know before it went viral, I wanted people to just hear the music for itself and it worked.

That’s for all the downloads, streams and more importantly the LOVE. The #EyesClosedChallenge #SoulMateChallenge is still going strong EYES CLOSED by Nick Cannon is officially available on all platforms #ncredible #newmusicfriday

See his original post below.

Listen to the song below in its entirety and let me know if you think Nick Cannon got vocals!

Not bad. Not bad at all.