On a recent episode of NORE’s “Drink Champs” podcast, Nick Cannon revealed Kim Kardashian broke his heart, and Ray J warned him before the sex tape came out.

In the video, NORE was definitely a few drinks in and he and his co-host DJ EFN was pressing Nick Cannon to really reveal how he felt about Kim when they use to date back in the day.

Nick revealed that they were pretty serious, they had been hanging out with each other’s family, but he said Kim broke his heart. 

He told a story about seeing Ray J on Rodeo Drive while he was with Kim.

We were on like Rodeo or somewhere, and I saw Ray J.

You know, we talk to a lot of the same girls and stuff, we was out, literally, I was like  bout to walk into the Louis Vuitton store, and he was like… and I cuffed up!

I was holding her hand, and he was like, literally from across the street, you ain’t gonna wanna keep holding her hand soon… watch!

Nick said initially he thought Ray J was just hating because he was with Kim at the time, but he wondered why Ray J said that.

He then said he started hearing rumors about a tape, and he questioned Kim about it but she denied it and said there was no tape.

Eventually his publicist, agents, and managers told him that his girlfriend had a sex tape out with Ray J and that caused their relationship to end because she lied to him.

Watch the video below:

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