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Nicci Gilbert took to social media and seemingly blamed the media for destroying black and brown families after the video of Diddy assaulting Cassie was released.

The Brownstone singer and founder of WIRF Media took to Twitter to write:

My heart breaks for Diddy’s innocent children & all of our children. They are watching black & brown families destroyed in the media daily.  This is what happens when culturally incompetent people who don’t care about us have ALL THE POWER   #Fight4WIRF #ProtectBlackWomen

I’ve watched for 30yrs how Bad Behavior has been rewarded & those of us who want to protect our children from exploitation & abuse are silenced and bullied. It’s a sad fact that most people in this business are either cowards or don’t want to mess up their bag. #Fight4WIRF

Unfortunately there aren’t enough of us who care enough about us…with enough money or power to protect us. So I will just continue to pray and use my platform to uplift & empower those brave enough to do everything possible to save our babies from #CowardCulture #Fight4WIRF

Dear Lord, Your Word is filled with accounts of miraculous protection. We claim that power for vulnerable children. Make Your little ones invisible to people who seek to exploit them. Whisper in the ears of the children to run and hide until the danger passes.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. —Psalm 82:3­–4 (NIV)

When Nicci Gilbert shared her tweets via Instagram, she immediately received pushback. 

One person commented, “The media didn’t beat up that girl, that is someone’s daughter, what about her family? No? Violence against women is whack af!!!!

Someone else wrote, “I’m sorry this is a BS narrative!! The media didn’t do a darn thing to her. Diddy did that with his Demonic Spirit!! No one made him dog walk her like that!! He did that not media!!

One commenter called Nicci Gilbert out on her hypocrisy writing: 

Unfortunately you are actually exploiting both the faith and the situation, and this is why the world no longer trusts us as Christians nor do they trust the church and its leaders anymore.

Why are you now exploiting this already ugly situation that requires no explanation because the video and the man’s actions speak a thousand words.

Yes we ask God to protect the kids of these families but how you came up with this narrative and included a situation where someone has not repented but repented his bad behavior is beyond me.

You should be ashamed of this post it makes no sense at all and it has nothing to do with race when it’s related to race let’s call@it out but the truth is this is Black on black crime and it’s a Rick man crime epidemic.

So sis let’s pray for the kids and all the men and woman black white and purple who use violence or sexual assault against a partner in this life period end of story. Amen and Amen!

Nicci updated the caption on her post to note that she stands with Cassie.

UPDATED: I 100% Stand by Cassie and I have been praying for her and her family since the day I read the allegations. I didn’t have to see the footage to BELIEVE her.

To all the women standing in the gap for our babies GOD GOT US! HOLD THE LINE

Karma is the GREAT EQUALIZER I pray that those who prey have their day in JESUS NAME AMEN LOGGING OFF 🙏🏽 🪬

#ISaidWhatISaid #Fight4WIRF

You may recall that a couple of years ago, Nicci Gilbert accused “P-Valley” of exploiting children in the opening credits of the show. 

Nicci Gilbert blasts P-Valley for exploiting children in the opening credits

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