Nicci Gilbert copyright infringement lawsuit P-Valley Soul Kittens Cabaret (1)

Nicci Gilbert took to the streets of Twitter to speak on her “infuriating” copyright infringement lawsuit against Starz over their hit drama series, “P-Valley.”

According to Nicci, “P-Valley” is an unauthorized knock-off of her original musical stage play “Soul Kittens Cabaret,” which was released on DVD in 2011. 

The suit, filed in the United States District Court on January 12, 2022, lists Lionsgate, Chernin Entertainment, Starz, creator Katori Hall, executive producer Liz Garcia, and co-producer Patrik-Ian-Polk as defendants. 

Nicci’s suit states “P-Valley” and her copyrighted stage play are “striking and substantially similar.”

She alleges the show stole the noir look, unique ploy synopsis, set design, risqué performance venue, and unique characters from “Soul Kittens Cabaret.”

As Starz gears up for the Season 2 premiere of “P-Valley” with the release of the official trailer, Nicci Gilbert shared the following thoughts via Twitter:

Coming up on 2yrs since I realized #PValley #KatoriHall #Starz #Lionsgate infringed on my intellectual property rights ..

It’s infuriating to spend this amount time energy & resources but I’m not giving up. IP THEFT HAS TO STOP ✊????????

This fight is for anyone who has ever felt bullied out of their creative ideas by people who leverage their power & influence.

It’s not easy but it’s necessary and I won’t quit til I have my day in court #PValley #Starz #Lionsgate #KatoriHall #Fight4Wirf

The positive side of this litigation is the more it drags on, more people will see how egregious this case is.

I tried to do this quietly, but we live in a world where the wheels have to squeak in order for the truth to be heard! #KatoriHall #Starz #Lionsgate #PValley

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“P-Valley” Season 2 premieres on June 3 only on Starz.

Watch the trailer below.

Based on the information Nicci Gilbert presented, do you think she has a copyright infringement case against Starz?

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