NFL QB Dwayne Haskins’ Wife Charged With Battery After Knocking His Tooth Out

Dwayne Haskins‘ wife, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins, was arrested on July 3 and accused of punching Dwayne in the mouth at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, located on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to the arrest report, a piece of a tooth was found in the bedroom next to the closet.

Dwayne Haskins injuries are described as “substantial in nature” in the report.

The report stated that he suffered a split upper lip that would require stitches, a missing upper tooth that “would most certainly require dental work to repair,” and a bruised mouth.

Dwayne told police that Kalabrya got mad because he went to a nightclub with his friends instead of waiting for the entire group.

This is where things get foggy, according to recent reports Dwayne and Kalabrya are engaged, but they told the police they got married in March and they were in town with friends to celebrate their commitment to each other.

But, a few days ago the couple posted engagement announcements to their IG accounts.

I’m confused, but one thing I do know is that ring is SICK!

In the report, Dwayne said he remembered getting into a verbal argument in the hotel room with Kalabrya, but he doesn’t remember being hit in the mouth.

In a separate interview, Kalabrya told investigators she tried to stop a fight between Dwayne and one of his friends.

She said she fell to the floor during the altercation, hit the back of her head, and suffered head and neck pain, as well as bruises on her legs.

The report says Kalabrya told police she “could not remember who, if anyone had battered her,” and she didn’t know what happened to Dwayne.

She suggested he got into a fight with his friend.

When police told her she was accused of punching Dwayne, she asked if he was the accuser.

She told investigators he could not be arrested “because of his occupation.”

Dwayne is an NFL backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Two of Kalabrya’s friends who were interviewed, told investigators that they heard the couple arguing. One friend said she saw the couple “tussling,” which the report describes as mutual shoving and pushing.

Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins is facing a felony charge of battery and domestic violence resulting in bodily harm. Her court date is scheduled for August 3.

See the news report below:

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Source: KTNV Las Vegas

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