Marshon Lattimore, the cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, was arrested on March 26 in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for carrying a stolen gun, and the arrest video has been released.

The officers were actually fair in the video letting Lattimore know that they were not going to rough him up but they needed to know if he had any weapons on him.

If there’s something in here, let us know now. No one’s gonna get beat on, nothing like that, OK? Just tell us if there’s a gun or anything like that in here.

This was prior to the officers realizing that Lattimore plays for the New Orleans Saints.

Lattimore admitted he had a loaded gun in his waistband and he told the officer that he had a concealed carry payment (CCW).

The officers joked with Lattimore, that he needs to get a holster because he could hurt himself by carrying a loaded gun in his waistband.

Your going to shoot your d*** off.

Get yourself a holster bro.

When the officers realized that Lattimore plays for the Saints they were surprised, and they advised him that he has too much going for himself to be hanging out with guys with illegal guns.

I get it. You’re back home, I understand that. But being back home with people who aren’t carrying firearms the proper way makes you look, how?

Officers say Lattimore’s gun showed up in the system as stolen, and they arrested him.

Lattimore was booked on charges of failure to notify and receiving stolen property.

The stolen property charge is a 4th degree felony and it carries a maximum punishment of 18 months in prison.

The other three guys that were in the car were also arrested.

The vehicle was pulled over initially because the driver Carl Willis, committed “multiple traffic violations.”

Watch the video below:

I don’t understand why these millionaire athletes move the way they move.

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Source: The Times-Picayune and TMZ.