Nelson Thomas recently suffered a broken nose after allegedly flirting with a man’s wife in Las Vegas, but according to Nelson the incident was an attempted robbery.

Nelson Thomas took to his Instagram account to give his version of the story.

Watch the video below (swipe):

According to the police report, Nelson said he met a woman at ARIA Resort & Casino and started talking to her in the valet area, and before he knew it he was sucker punched.

Someone woke him up and told him he was punched in the face and his chain was stolen.

Cops saw video that confirmed Nelson’s account.

The video shows Nelson being punched twice by the assailant, the first punch came while he was talking to the woman and the second punch came while he was on the ground.

The woman’s husband, Kevin Dixon, has a different account of events.

According to the police report, Kevin said Nelson was talking to his wife on an elevator and when he walked off she stayed on the elevator talking to Nelson.

He lost sight of her, and started texting and calling her.

He eventually found her in the valet area talking to Nelson.

Cops say Kevin admitted to being jealous, mad, and drunk.

He was arrested and charged with battery and grand larceny.

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Source: TMZ