Nekia Trigg, an 18-year-old Black female, and her family left their Forney, Texas home after receiving numerous death threats via social media following her controversial arrest.

On June 27, Deputy Conner Martin responded to a call of a Black female walking in front of cars, attempting to hurt herself.

A claim that the family has refuted since the incident occurred.

The day of the incident, Deputy Martin approached Nekia while she was walking on the sidewalk bare foot and crying and he asked her if she was okay.

She told him repeatedly throughout their conversation that she was okay.

The deputy appeared to get agitated when Nekia would not tell him her address.

On the body cam video, he put his hands on her shoulder at first, and then he grabs her arm and tells her that she can’t walk off because he received calls that she was jumping out in front of cars.

She said she was not.

She then pleaded with the deputy not to hurt her, as he appeared to apply pressure to her arm.

He says he’s not going to hurt her, and she tells him he is hurting her already.

She is clearly in fear of her life from all the acts of police brutality and systemic racism that play out on the news.

She asks the deputy to let her call her sister while he maintains his grip on her arm, and he tells her that he would have to put her in cuffs if she keeps pulling away.

While she’s waiting on her sister to pick up, Nekia repeatedly tells the deputy that he is hurting her.

As she is giving her sister her whereabouts, she pulls away from the deputy and he conveniently drops his body camera.

When the body camera is picked up Nekia’s mother and sister are on the scene, along with more police officers and other onlookers.

Nekia’s mother and sister are irate and screaming at Deputy Martin asking why his body camera wasn’t on while he was on top of Nekia.

See the body cam video below:

See the footage below of Nekia’s mom Antanique Ray and her sister approaching Officer Martin while he is straddled on top of Nekia, as she continuously tells him she can’t breathe.

It is an eerie reminder of the George Floyd video.

See the video below of Nekia’s mom Antanique getting arrested.

Reportedly Deputy Martin has been placed on leave pending an investigation.

The family attorney Kim T. Cole plans to file a civil rights lawsuit on Nekia’s behalf against Kaufman County and Deputy Conner Martin.

She also stated that the family fears retaliation from local citizens and law enforcement.

Cole said the family received DMs saying that they got what they deserved during the incident with the police.

She has advised the family to stay off of social media because she expects the threats to get worse.

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Source: TMZ